Environmental Protection Means

Environmental Protection Means

We take into consideration the requirements for environmental protection and occupational safety in the early stages of process and product development and planning.
We want to identify the risks to people and the environment in a timely manner, so that we can avoid accidents and operational break-downs.

We handle all resources sparingly and carefully, so that we can protect the environment by minimizing the amount of waste, as well as the burden on air, water and soil.
We choose the most economically appropriate method from the best available techniques.

Continuous improvement
Environmental protection is not a method, but rather a continuous process of improvement which we want to develop together with our employees, suppliers, customers, consumers and all other interested parties through open interaction. We work closely with the relevant authorities.

We expect our business partners to take ecological responsibility, and we take this into account in procurement.
We make sure that our main contractors, subcontractors and suppliers accept Eckes-Granini Finland’s environmental guidelines.

We carry out environmental protection in a manner in which responsibilities, roles and processes are transparent. We measure the environmental impact of our operations so that we can effectively evaluate our policy.

IMG_8781The employees’ contribution
Promotion and implementation of environmental responsibility is part of our employees’ job description. We expect each and every individual to internalize environmental protection as part of their own activities.

We rely on all our employees’ own initiative and personal responsibility in carrying out our environmental policy.

Credible and transparent communication to employees, business partners and the general public is important to us. Consumers can contact Eckes-Granini Finland about environmental matters, either via the consumer hotline or the online feedback form.