Environmental Policy

The Environmental Policy at Eckes-Granini Finland

The mission at Eckes-Granini Finland Oy Ab (EGFin) is to provide consumers with high-quality liquid fruit, berry and vegetable products. These products are sold and marketed under well-known brands such as Marli, Mehukatti, God Morgon, granini, Brämhults and Tropic. The basis of EGFin’s environmental policy is to produce the purest products possible which do not damage or harm the environment in any stage of their life cycle. In doing this, EGFin undertakes all its activities according to the principles of sustainability, prevention of pollution and continuous improvement of the environmental management system to improve the environmental performance.

With its environmental policy EGFin undertakes to comply with Finnish laws and decrees, and official regulations. In addition, EGFin is involved in the energy efficiency agreement system coordinated by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. EGFin also takes into account the international standards and requirements regarding environment, environmental protection, waste management, packaging and packaging waste, etc.

Environmental Objectives

In accordance with EGFin’s environmental policy, the key environmental objectives are as follows:

  • Development of more environmentally friendly energy technology
  • Improved recycling
  • Improved environmentally friendly logistics
  • Increasing environmental awareness

EGFin uses the best economically feasible technology and know-how so that the environmental impacts caused by production can be minimized.

We strive for a reduction in energy consumption and the amount of waste water, as well as a reduction in the generation of waste in production, storage and transport. The quality of our waste water is not harmful to the waste water treatment plant. In accordance with the Waste Act, EGFin strives to minimize disposable waste by developing recycling of different types of waste and by increasing employee training in recycling issues.

In logistics the goal is optimal load planning and full loads. When selecting the transport companies, we take into account how environmentally friendly the transport fleet is.

Responsibilities relating to the environment are defined in the company. We train our employees to be environmentally aware employees and consumers. Environmental awareness is also conveyed to stakeholders.


Raw materials must be pure. EGFin invests in the development of environmentally favorable products. Products are packed in environmentally acceptable packaging without compromising on the quality and hygiene of the products. EGFin is actively seeking to develop packaging together with material suppliers: to reduce packaging weight, and to be able to reuse and recycle packaging. The aim is to minimize adverse impacts on the environment during the entire life cycle of the product.