Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System – Actively Taking on Responsibility

Eckes-Granini carries its ecological responsibility. Everything which is good for the environment will also help the company develop. The pursuit of sustainability and responsible use of resources has for many years been an integral part of Eckes-Granini Finland’s corporate philosophy.


Inside the Eckes-Granini group, Eckes-Granini Deutschland began to implement an environmental management system at a very early stage. In 1991 a system based on the DIN EN ISO 14001 standard was taken into use at the Nieder-Olm branch. Eckes-Granini Deutschland has carried out the internationally recognized EMAS environmental management system since 1996.EMAS-logo-englanti

EMAS stands for “Eco-Management and Audit Scheme“. The system offers companies in all industries convergent principles for environmental management, aiming at continuous improvement of the environmental performance. As a modern environmental management tool, EMAS is based on a voluntary corporate environmental management system and, therefore, it goes beyond prescribed legal requirements.

Eckes-Granini Finland’s EMAS environmental system development began with an initial environmental review in 2014. Based on this review, an action plan was made for the fulfilment of the EMAS requirements. In 2015, an external environmental verifier audited the correspondence of the environmental management system with the EMAS requirements for the first time, whereupon Eckes-Granini Finland became the first beverage house in Finland to be granted the EMAS certification.

In 2017, an updated version of the EMAS regulation was published, containing the amended requirements of ISO 14001. For the fulfilment of the new requirements, an environmental review was conducted at Eckes-Granini Finland once more and, based on this, an action plan was created. The verification in view of the new EMAS requirements was performed in May of 2018.

Smoothie-production-02To be part of the EMAS system, the company must inspect its operations, products and services to take into account their environmental impacts. A defined environmental policy and environmental program with targets, along with comprehensive indicators, must be reported regularly in the environmental statement. The process should take into account direct and indirect environmental aspects and their environmental impacts, as well as compliance with the statutory requirements. Furthermore, the EMAS system requires the continuous improvement of the environmental performance.

Active and sustainable investment in environmental protection is part of our successful business. For this reason, we continue to develop products, packaging, and operational procedures. Eckes-Granini Finland always strives to employ the best available technology for its operations. It is also important for a brand manufacturer to fulfill the ecological demands of the customers.

Eckes-Granini Finland is participating in this demanding process with this environmental statement. A full environmental statement is published every three years and, in addition to this, an update of the data is published annually. The environmental verifier checks each environmental statement and if the statement meets the detailed requirements applicable to it, it will be approved.