Employees and Interested Parties

Employees and Interested Parties

Environmental protection is everyone’s responsibility

In spite of the word ‘management’, modern environmental management does not mean that only a few decision makers at the top of the company are involved in the topic. On the contrary: The company’s aim is to engage in environmental protection and quality management as a continuous development process in which all employees and interested parties are involved.


The most important aspects of employee information, training and participation regarding environmental issues at Eckes-Granini Finland:

  • Up-to-date environmental information is relayed to the personnel through the company magazine, meetings, announcements, reports, info screens and intranet
  • The individuals responsible for environmental protection are obliged and entitled to environmental training
  • In the recruitment phase, employees receive orientation for Eckes-Granini Finland’s environmental management system and environmental issues in practice
  • The personnel are provided with further training relating to environmental issues in accordance with the training plan
  • The Environmental Management Representative is a member of the company’s Executive Board
  • Through development idea activities, not only the employees, but the stakeholders as well, have the opportunity to participate in environmental issues development

Cooperation with the stakeholders is important in terms of environmentally responsible operations. Eckes-Granini Finland conveys environmental awareness, for instance, through its home page and labelling. The company is contacted by consumers via telephone and the home page. The contact form available on the home page gives the option of directly choosing environmental issues as the reason for the contact. In 2017, Eckes-Granini Finland was contacted by consumers a total of 14 times regarding environmental issues. Most of the contacts concerned packaging recyclability or the returnable bottle system. Efforts are made at all times to select the consumer packaging manufactured by Eckes-Granini Finland according to its final purpose, taking account of the environmental and recycling aspects. For example, nearly 90 % of the liquid carton packaging we use is FSC certified and all the materials can be disposed of at the RINKI Recycling Point.

Eckes-Granini Finland itself works actively with goods suppliers and subcontractors. Contractual cooperation partners are requested to sign an environmental appendix to the contract and subcontractors working regularly in the factory area are provided with training in waste sorting, among other things. Moreover, the contracting parties are audited.

Eckes-Granini has intragroup communication relating to environmental issues. For instance, the Group has a sustainability working group, which includes the representation of the Finnish organization as well.