Achievements in Environmental Protection

Achievements in Environmental Protection

1994 A new environmentally friendlier production plant is taken into use

1995 Environmental issues taken into consideration as a support system in the self-monitoring plan

1995 Marli Oy becomes part of the liquid packaging board recycling system

2000 Oy Marli Ab becomes a member of the Environmental Register of Packaging PYR Ltd.

2000 Oy Marli Ab becomes a member of the Environmental Committee set up by the Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation

2001 Collection of plastic film to a separate baler

2004 A carton press is taken into use

2005 Sorting and recycling is improved and employees are trained

2005 Purchasing of a separate cardboard compactor

2005 The material utilization rate rises from 6 % in 2001 to 74 % in 2005

IMG_87232006 Reuse of material becomes more efficient

2007 Material utilization rate rises to 90 %

2008 Joining the energy efficiency agreement scheme

2009 Placing waste sorting bins in the company conference rooms

2010 Mehukatti PET plastic bottles are added to the Palpa deposit-refund recycling system

2011 Pureed raw materials are moved from freezers to aseptic warm storage

2011 IFS certificate is awarded to Eckes-Granini Finland including an environmental responsibility section

2012 Launching Marli Vital products, which are naturally lighter, sweetened with stevia and contain 50 % less added sugar

2012 Launching Marli organic orange juice

2014 Reduction of the environmental load by changing to partly unprinted sales batch cartons (cardboard trays/boxes protecting consumer packages)

fiiliskuva-bramhults-valkoinen2014 The new Marli Juissi package is the first juice packaging in Finland with the FSC stamp which states that the carton material comes from responsible sources

2015 Brämhults smoothie products are sold in recyclable deposit-refund PET plastic bottles

2015 EMAS environmental certificate is awarded to Eckes-Granini Finland

2016 Replacing the air conditioning with an air source heat pump (office space approx. 440 m²)

2017 Joining the energy efficiency agreement scheme for the new period

2017 Switching completely over to the consumption of electrical power generated from renewable sources

2017 Team Rynkeby – God Morgon charity cycling for the benefit of seriously ill children

mehukatti_luomu2018 Launching Mehukatti Luomu 2 dl children’s organic juices